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The Project

The LabLaw law firm was founded by Luca Failla and Francesco Rotondi in 2006 and, considering territorial presence, it is the largest Italian labour law firm reality by its sheer diffusion.
LabLaw specializes in labour law and it has more than 50 legal professionals distributed in 6 offices throughout the Italian territory.

At present, LabLaw is reinforcing its efforts towards internationalization.  With “LabLaw Emirates”, the “internationalization project” which began from the operative bases of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is directed at sustaining companies which intend to operate in the markets of:  The United Arab Emirates, in the larger GCC (Saudi Arabia, Bahrein, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar) and in all Middle Eastern Countries generally.

From an economic-geographic standpoint, the Emirates is located in an intersection which embraces Europe, Africa and Asia.  We may add “to the just mentioned intersection” that Dubai and Abu Dhabi represent the nerve centre of an enormous series of international interests which are increasingly disconnected from the oil business.

The Gulf countries are becoming major protagonists in the economic “winds of change” process affecting western companies and –as such–it is fair to say that the Middle Eastern countries have become strategic commercial partners. , with which it is possible to put into action a virtuous mechanism that generates all round profits and economic growth. Just consider how much interest is steadily growing  around two very important events that businessmen–and we include small businessmen in this equation– should not miss:  Expo 2020 in Dubai and the Football World Cup in Qatar.

 For the companies that wish to enter these markets–with particular reference to the legal and fiscal aspects–it is necessary to receive complete and integrated assistance. To satisfy these needs, LabLaw is leading this project and has chosen to operate in partnership with highly qualified companies and professionals; indeed companies that have worked in this area for many years: Sdac Consulting (a company which is specialized in business and corporate consultancy and is based in Dubai and London) and Profile Middle East (a company based in Abu Dhabi in business support services).

With the union of highly skills professionals involved in the LabLaw project,  prospective companies can, also, count on a network of reliable relationships where the principle protagonists of the Italian and local institutions are an integral part of this said network.

Because of these highly strategic partnerships, LabLaw Emirates is able to closely assist all companies that wish to successfully work in the Middle East. Indeed, by means of an absolutely tailor made personalized project, the assistance that– LabLaw offers– is aimed at increasing company business and development.

Every entrepreneurial project is closely accompanied and looked after during ALL of the necessary phases. Such phases include help with market analysis–right through to aiding the client during the final negotiation stages. We assist our clients during the setting up of the company and we help with its management. The aforementioned activities are achieved through the aid of experts and through the offering of a complete series of services.

One other fundamental aspect of LabLaw Emirates–which is worth mentioning–is that it  offers  support to  companies when they need help in locating financial assistance ” be it public or private” which would aid in the  rationalization of costs associated with the company’s internationalization endeavour.

One of the partners of LabLaw,  Sandro Lamparelli Attorney at Law, has been appointed to take care of the project .  Mr. Lamparelli has a constant presence in the aforementioned areas. 

As mentioned before, and because of its affiliation with L&E Global Alliance, LabLaw is able to cover four Continents. Naturally because of this ubiquity skill, LabLaw Emirates is the ideal partner also for the Middle Eastern entrepreneurs who wish to enlarge their own businesses in Italy in particular and throughout the world in general.

We would like to bring your attention to the interest which is steadily growing  around two very important events that businessmen–and we include small businessmen in this equation– should not miss:  Expo 2020 in Dubai and the Football World Cup in Qatar”.

Another important consideration–for those companies which are interested in the topic of world trade–is represented by the so called Free Zones which are areas with tax breaks. These Free Zones have been created with the express aim of attracting foreign investments. Now in the UAE over 30 Free Zones have been created.

The LabLaw Emirates’ mission is to raise the awareness of companies to the possibilities offered to those who embrace the internationalization culture.  These companies may think of the Middle East as a base from which to launch their own products and services.




  • We offer legal and tax assistance which includes all stages of litigation;
  • We offer assistance with internal tax-related issues arising from the internationalization of products and services;
  • we offer assistance with the setting-up of companies;
  • We assist in the creation and promotion of joint ventures;
  • We offer our consultancy services in the field of labor law and the recruitment (concerning the issuing of residency permits and Visa);
  • We cover the areas of accounting, auditing and management;
  • We assist corporate and fiduciary services (the installation of onshore and offshore companies, trust mandates);
  • We Guarantee Accounts and Custody;
  • We deal with Payroll issues and management
  • We closely assist companies with their ability to foster “network contracts” between the client companies;


  • We offer analysis and retrieval of various forms of financing, public or private, which exist in Italy and Europe which are aimed at promoting the internationalization of companies (Simest, Sace, private investment funds, European funds etc.);
  • We manage issues of due diligence;
  • We cover auditing isssues;


  • We engage in market research we identify both partners and distributors;
  • We engage in business scouting and development;
  • We manage Feasibility studies and business planning;
  • We are active in managing Marketing Solutions
  • We manage Corporate & Promotional Events
  • We manage Diplomatic events


  • Future and present Design projects;
  • We offer support for participation in tenders and tenders;
  • We offer prospective analysis of the overall cost of projects;
  • We offer supply analysis and staff training

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